Final Agenda for the “G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011″

The Final Agenda for the “G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011″ is already defined. The wide selection of topics is as complex and diverse as the reality.Being so, the mexican delegation is compromised to contribute with it’s perspective in all the negotiations; allways based on open dialogue with the delegations of the other countries.

Given this diversity of positions it is necessary to coordinate  with other countries in order to find real solutions. That is the reason why the mexican delegation looks forward to create multilateral agreements.

Right now, each member of the delegation is working on a deep analysis of the set of themes belonging to their commissions from different perspectives: acedemic, social, governmental and business. All focused on reaching viable solutions, allways aware of the fact that these must be the optimum for everyone and not for just a group.

Final Agenda

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Agenda Final “G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011”

Ya está definida la Agenda Final para las “G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011”. Los temas son tan variados como la realidad y es por ello que la delegación mexicana aportará tanto como le sea posible al momento de presentar su visión y posición. Esto siempre basado en el diálogo abierto con las delagaciones de los distintos países .

Dadas estas diversas posturas es necesario coordinarse para encontrar soluciones reales y es por ello que la delegación mexicana busca crear acuerdos multilaterales.

Actualmente, cada miembro de la delegación se encuentra analizando a fondo los planteamientos de sus comisiones desde las perspectivas académicas, sociales,  gubernamentales y empresariales. Todo para alcanzar soluciones viables, siempre conscientes de que una solución debe ser óptima para todos y no sólo para algún grupo.

Agenda Final

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Welcome to the G20 Mexican Delegation!


The Mexican Youth Delegation is pleased to be part of the G20 Youth Summit organized by Youth Diplomacy on behalf of the G8 & G20 Youth Networks in Paris this year. The G20 Youth Summit is officially supported by the French Presidency of the G20-G8. We are a group of strongly motivated students from the best universities in Mexico and we will look forward for an outstanding summit from May 29thto June 3rd. We invite you to get to know us on the “About us” section.

We are very motivated as one of the leading Latin-American countries in the G20 to go to Paris this spring and present excelling youth perspectives on the issues discussed by the G20. We believe that the work of the G20 youth summit will help the Mexican youth to transform its future into a more prosperous, more just, and freer society, together with all nations in the world.

We would like to thank Youth Diplomacy , the French Association member of the G8 & G20 Youth Networks and organizer of the G8 & G20 Youth Summits 2011for selecting our profiles and we hope that this blog will strengthen our links and promote an outstanding performance from the Mexican delegation.

Our best of wishes for the 2011 Delegates!


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